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01 Jan 2016 - January '16 Changelog

=== 1/29/2016 ===
Ender - Bots are now off for ALL ZONES except the instanced GH you are ported to by Teleporter Zonfic in The Nexus. GET YOUR GEAR OFF OF BOTS IMMEDIATELY! This is NOT a permanent change and won't be around forever.

===1/28/2016 ===
Ender - The main rules and information post has been expanded to encompass several other posts. This is an effort to pull all information into one post instead of 5 different ones. You can view it here
Ender - As the first step in disabling bots, they no longer have any spell lists assigned to them. If you summon one and it doesn't heal you or anything, that's why. This is NOT a bug. :)
Ender - [Pending reboot] Bots will be disabled in all zones except for an instanced version of GH. You can reach this instance to remove bot equipment by buying a "Bot Equipment Management" port stone from Teleporter Zonfic in Nexus. Some notes about this zone:
  - The timer on this instance is 1 hour. If it expires while you are inside, or if you camp out and don't come back before the timer expires, you will be ported to your bind point.
  - The only working #bot commands will be to manage equipment. No ports, buffs or anything else will work now.

=== 1/25/2016 ===
Ender - Added a Soulbinder to The Nexus.

=== 1/24/2016 ===
Ender - Teleporter Zonfic in The Nexus will now port you to various places around the world. He also sells Nexus gate potions so you can get back easily. Hopefully this will ease the pain of not having bots to port soon.
Ender - Fixed a bug in the burrower event in The Deep (hopefully)
Ender - All GM NPCs are now able to be located with the find menu.

=== 1/16/2016 ===
Ender - Base resists will now show correctly! (Note: They were always working. It was just the display that was wrong)

=== 1/14/2016 ===
Ender/Qedd - Added the Nek Portal/Gate spells to the proper vendors [[ticket:54]]

Ender - Bot have been completely disabled for the following zones:
Sanctus Seru
Sleeper's Tomb
Ssraeshza Temple
Temple of Veeshan
The Deep
Veeshan's Peak
Vex Thal

=== 1/13/2016
Ender - Undead Bard should now spawn properly (16-20 hours) after Trak's death [[ticket:51]]

=== 1/4/2016 ===
Ender - Updated AllaClone database. It's now current with spawns/loot.

=== 1/3/2016 ===
Ender - Health of Target's Target (HoTT) window is now active!
Ender - The #mystats command now works for everyone. Give it a shot :)
Ender - Fixed loot drop on Neh`Ashiir regular and quest versions in City of Misty. [[ticket:46]]
Ender - Corrected drop table on Vulak`Aerr. He will now drop 3-4 items, and one of them will always be a weapon.
Ender - Gath N`Mare has now returned home in Neriak Commons. [[ticket:50]]
Ender - Fixed the K...

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The subject says it all. You can now login to the website with your social media account! This should be much more convenient and let's be honest, nobody wants to keep track of another password. :)

If you already have an account, as long as the email matches it will link with your social media account. For example, I use my GMail account for my email on this site, so I logged in with Google and here I am.

Let me know if you have any issues at all.

Things to know
Hello there fellow EQ'ers! We're thrilled that you stopped by! We know there are a lot of EMU servers out there, and we're delighted you've chosen to play on ours!

This page is a consolidated list of things you need to know about the Vegarlson Asylum server. This is a living post, so please look back here for updates.

General Information
Vegarlson Asylum is a "custom classic" server - It is an effort to be a classic-like experience but without tedium for the sake of tedium.
Currently expansions are open to Luclin. Future plans include releasing Plane of Power, Legacy of Ykesha and Lost Dungeons of Norrath.

- The RoF2 client is required. No other client is officially supported.
- 6-box limit
- Items stack to 100
- Original zone versions of some old zones (Arena, Bazaar)
- New versions of select zones (Commonlands, Highpass Hold, Lavastorm, Nektulos, Toxxulia Forest)
- Luclin era mobs in since-changed zones. (Cazic Thule, Droga, Nurga, Paw, Plane of Hate, Skyshrine, Sirens, Sleeper's Tomb, Veeshan's Peak).
- Legacy items still drop rarely.
- Very low food/drink consumption rate.
- Rain of Fear 2 client and all the goodies that come along with it.
- Server patcher to streamline updates.
- Working Bazaar trader mode. Account exemptions are given to allow a trader to be online all the time. (See here)

We use the RoF2 client for a variety of reasons. Mostly because of the number of new systems and zones it supports, but also because of the long term outlook of the client and the flexibility gained by using it. It is, however, not without some quirks. Here's what you need to be aware of.

- Disciplines Window - Use /disc to get reuse timers and /disc <discname> (example: /disc resistant) to use a discipline.
- Experiment on Tradeskill Window - The Experiment button should not be used. All recipes should be searchable, so there is no need to use it anyway.
- Leadership Window - While it may look like you can bank and spend leadership AAs, this is NOT the case. The cost of all abilities is 9 (even though they display as less), and you can currently only bank 8 leadership points. Leadership only exists to enable Health of Target's Target. No refunds will be given on experience wasted on leadership points. (Note: To be clear, leadership points were introduced with the Gates of Discord expansion, so they are out of era anyway).

Vegarlson Updater
We have created a patcher for our server. You can get it here: [url=http://www.vegarlson-server.org/Update.zip...

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