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Download our patcher! This is required to play on Vegarlson Asylum.

Drop it in your EQ RoF2 Client directory, run, and you're on your way!
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04 Jul 2016 - July '16 Changelog

= 7/18/2016 =
Ender - Updated server code. This should fix a few issues you may or may not have known about.
Ender - Increased the spawn rate of some of the longer spawning NPCs involved in the Veeshan's Peak key quest.
Ender - Started loot correction/normalization efforts for Chardok.

= 7/11/2016 =
Ender - Added a leaderboard NPC outside the main bank in PoK. Recordkeeper Lethoc will let you know where you stand on the lists!

= 7/4/2016 =
Run the patcher
Ender - Fixed % not showing properly on some focus effect descriptions.
Ender - Undead Bard should be fixed - for real this time. Watch for him after Trak dies.
Hey guys! This has been discussed off and on for a while. With bots gone and PoP release coming up, we've decided to up the box limit to 6 per IP now.

Before you ask, no, I will not transfer any gear :) Sorry.



Planes of Power beta testing has started!

It's with great pleasure that I announce to you all that PoP beta testing has begun! We have setup the "VA PoP Testing" server. You can find it on the EQEmu Server List.

What you need to know.
- The test server It is an exact copy of the main VA server (as of 4/2).
- All characters, items, etc. will be exactly as they are on the main server.
- No items will be transferred back to the main server. They are completely separate and will always remain so.
- You won't need to make any client edits. The same client that works with VA will work with the test server.

What we're asking for.
- Please enter bug reports http://www.vegarlson-server.org/index.php?action=helpdesk;sa=main. There is a "Server" dropdown to select the PoP test server.
- We need feedback on everything. This includes:
-- Mob HPs
-- Mob resists
-- Mob damage output
-- Quests
-- Tradeskills
-- Spells
-- Spawn timers
-- Flag issues
-- Anything else :)

Please, please, please submit bugs! That's the only way we're going to be able to keep track of things and make PoP great! The more feedback, the better it'll be.

Thank you all so much and see you in PoP!

06 Mar 2016 - March '16 Changelog

= 3/30/2016 =
Ender - Took a crack at fixing the Cursed script in Ssra. Hopefully this'll work better.
Ender - Updated the patcher to remove some void portal particles in some zones.
Ender - Nexus Scions will now see all forms of invis. This means they should port you while invisible now.

= 3/23/2016 =
Ender - The Sleeping Ogre in Nurga should now work properly. [[ticket:76]]

= 3/20/2016 =
Ender - Collector Dannel in The Bazaar will now take your Vegarlson 1-Year Anniversary Token and give you something special in return!
Ender - Natasha Whitewater in Lake Rathetear script has been updated to work completely.

Bugs Fixed:

= 3/16/2016 =
Ender - Changed Master Yael's spawn time to 3 days +/- 12 hours.

= 3/15/2016 =
Ender - Updated to latest EQEmu source.
Ender - Removed level requirement for Veeshan's Peak.
Run the patcher. New spells added and updated.

= 3/14/2016 =
Ender - Race penalty removed for Brood of Di'Zok. Any race should be able to max out faction now.

= 3/6/2016 =
Ender - Recordkeeper Durand in Nexus will now buy your junk! (Made him a vendor)

01 Feb 2016 - February '16 Changelog

= 2/28/2016 =
Run the patcher
Ender - Items pickpocketed by a rogue will now stack in their inventory.

= 2/21/2016 =
Run the patcher
Ender - Fixed Cursed cycle in Ssra (I hope)
Ender - Shissar Wraiths will now despawn after a length of time.
Ender - High Priest of Ssraeshza will no longer be spawned below the world [[ticket:68]]
Ender - Fear golems will now have the correct timer on their Cazic Touch [[ticket:67]]
Ender - Correct respawn timers in Vex Thal. They aren't quite so quick now.

= 2/20/2016 =
Ender - Added marquee pops for characters level 10 and under imploring them to come here and check out the website for server info and the patcher.

= 2/15/2016 =
Ender - Timberwolf hagravens (Exotic Mounts) has now taken up residence in the Bazaar stables.
Ender - New colored trader's satchels are in! See Merchant Tekramb (hee hee) in Bazaar to purchase! These should work like the regular ones. If one doesn't, throw in a bug report and I'll look at it.

= 2/13/2016 =
Ender - Teleporter Zonfic in Nexus is no longer interested in buying anything. This will keep his inventory clear so you can easily buy port stones!
Ender - Backstab will now work properly with bane weapons [[ticket:59]]
Ender - Qua Zethon will no longer infinitely spawn in a loop with his shade spawn in Vex Thal [[ticket:64]]

= 2/9/2016 =
Run the patcher
Ender - Added Shadowrest zone files to the patcher. Some of the clients didn't have it.

= 2/3/2016 =
Website stuff!
Character Browser
New Character Browser system! Check out the link at the top of the page. This will enable you to find characters just like on Magelo and see their gear and other things about them. In addition to that, it also has a list of what's currently for sale in the Bazaar. This is VERY cool and we're really glad to have it working!
Clicking on a name on the in-game leaderboard will now launch their profile page on the Character Browser. Try it!

Ender - The AllaClone has had unused zones removed. This should be helpful when trying to locate where items are found.

= 2/2/2016 =Run the patcher
Ender - All disciplines should now show up in the Discipline windows. (Patch required)
Ender - You may now pray in the chapel in Thurgadin (as designed) for an Etched Rune Pattern.
Ender - Updated leaderboards to not display GMs.
Ender - Modified some Discipline reuse timers that weren't long enough.

= 2/1/2016 =
Ender - Upda...

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