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19 Feb 2017 - February '17 Changelog

= 2/18/2017 =
Out of era research recipes have been removed. If you see any issues with research recipes, please report them.

13 Jan 2017 - January '17 Changelog

= 1/13/2017 =
Vulak will now spawn correctly!
Avatar of War will no longer have a chance to drop 4 of the same item.

= 1/9/2017 =
Xakras in Vex Thal will now see all forms of hide.

05 Dec 2016 - December '16 Changelog

= 12/6/2016 =
Updated server-side map files. NPCs should no longer be partially in the floor. [[ticket:150]]
Wind of Marr is now level 62. Please run the patcher.

= 12/5/2016 =
Fixed a couple of PoP spells. Please run the patcher.
Corrected respawn time on Vhaksiz the Shade in Nightmare.
Graveyards should now work. The timer is 30 minutes.

= 12/4/2016 =
Planes of Power Tier 1 is now live!
Please report any bugs here on the forums.

07 Oct 2016 - October '16 Changelog

= 10/22/2016 =
Rogues (and others) can now buy properly while sneaking. For real this time.
Vendors will no longer face you when you open them. This is Live-like and should work nicely with the sneak buying above.

= 10/21/2016 =
Added pathing for NPCs in Veeshan's Peak. Also put in new server-side maps. NPCs should no longer path through walls.
Finished up some changes to the 8th shawl quest in Iceclad. The general should work much better now. He's also indifferent to all.
Removed a duplicate Shaded Stones spawn from Akheva.

= 10/15/2016 =
Elemental bane damage will no longer hit NPCs that require a specific race bane to be damaged. This is most notable for Seru and Emperor.
Elemental bane damage will now factor into backstab damage.
Experience messages will now show the % gained. This is a trial feature and may or may not stick around.

= 10/10/2016 =
Ground spawns in East Wastes and Wakening will now appear properly throughout the zone. More zones will be fixed soon.
Sneak buying should now show all items on a vendor, and not just the ones that have been sold to the merchant.

= 10/7/2016 =
NPCs in Akheva and Maiden's Eye should now be KOS again.
Thought Horror Evokers in The Deep will now cast spells.
Named NPCs in The Deep won't spawn quite as often now.
Soulbinders should now work properly everywhere.

16 Sep 2016 - September '16 Changelog

= 9/27/2016 =
Charmed NPCs will no longer be able to summon.

= 9/21/2016 =
Added a few snow griffin spawns to East Wastes.

= 9/19/2016 =
NPCs should no longer path through walls in Velketor's Labyrinth tunnel and castle areas.
Seahorses in Sirens Grotto are now kos and will see invis. BE WARNED.

= 9/18/2016 =
Kromzek giants in Kael should now be on the proper faction.

= 9/17/2016 =
Arch Lich in Ssra Temple shouldn't be quite as mean.
Mobs in Acrylia Caverns will no longer path through walls.

= 9/16/2016 =
Adjusted gem drop rate in the City of Mist. [[ticket:105]]
Fipok in Rathe Mountains will now drop his head [[ticket:119]]
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