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12 May 2017 - May '17 Changelog

= 5/11/2017 =
New combat code is in!
- Please provide feedback on how DPS looks to you. This will be for you, pets and NPCs. Hopefully it's not far out, but I do expect to need some tuning.

As the subject says, I have implemented the new AC/stat changes on the test server.

What does this mean?
The way combat calculations are done has been corrected upstream in the EQEmu server to do calculations just like Live. As a result, the existing NPC stats (which are very often inflated) are incorrect for the new code. This currently would make most NPCs crazy difficult. So the stats have to be adjusted for NPCs across the board.

What do we need from you?
Basically we need as much comparison data as we can get. Melee parses, spell parses, etc. The goal is to maintain nearly the same level of difficulty as the existing server.

Where is the test server?
The name of the test server is Shakedown Street. It should show up in the server list for you.

Other important things to note.
  • Please be aware this affects any and all NPCs. If you're wondering if something needs tested, it does.
  • Please be specific when comparing. Using parses are the only real way to have workable data.
  • Remember to turn those logs on!

Copying your configs
You can either use the in-game settings to copy your UI layout, hotkeys, etc. or you can copy them manually by renaming the files. To use this method:
Code: [Select]
Copy your UI_<Character>_vegarlson.ini file to UI_<Character>_shakedown.ini
Copy <Character>_vegarlson.ini to <Character>_shakedown.ini
This should get you up and running.

Reporting your findings
I have created an "AC Changes" category on the Bug reporting system . Please report your findings in tickets within that system. Anecdotal data is not helpful! PLEASE BE DETAILED!
You can find Gamparse at EQResource along with a guide on using it.

Thank you!

19 Feb 2017 - February '17 Changelog

= 2/18/2017 =
Out of era research recipes have been removed. If you see any issues with research recipes, please report them.

13 Jan 2017 - January '17 Changelog

= 1/13/2017 =
Vulak will now spawn correctly!
Avatar of War will no longer have a chance to drop 4 of the same item.

= 1/9/2017 =
Xakras in Vex Thal will now see all forms of hide.

05 Dec 2016 - December '16 Changelog

= 12/6/2016 =
Updated server-side map files. NPCs should no longer be partially in the floor. [[ticket:150]]
Wind of Marr is now level 62. Please run the patcher.

= 12/5/2016 =
Fixed a couple of PoP spells. Please run the patcher.
Corrected respawn time on Vhaksiz the Shade in Nightmare.
Graveyards should now work. The timer is 30 minutes.

= 12/4/2016 =
Planes of Power Tier 1 is now live!
Please report any bugs here on the forums.
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